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Interim (Marketing) Management

When your (international) marketing and recruitment department is in need of a reorganisation, a boost in results, or just simply a temporary manager, we can help you successfully.

We have successfully worked as interim head of marketing, recruitment and admissions for RNTC from September 2011 until December 2012 and for IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam from October 2008 until April 2011.


"RNTC hired Thijs for his expertise and track record in increasing the number of self paying and scholarship applicants for its training courses. Based on his analysis of RNTC, Thijs created and implemented a completely new marketing and communication approach of potential customers. Although it is still early days, results have improved and the prospects are promising. Thijs is knowledgeable, committed and flexible, and easy to work with."

Peter Veenendaal, General Manager, RNTC


"In the last two and a half years Thijs set up the marketing, communication and admissions department at IHS. He managed to develop a high quality, efficient team which covers a wide range of activities. I am very satisfied with the work he delivered."

Kees van Rooijen, director IHS, Eramus University Rotterdam

For more information, please see our client testimonials or contact Thijs van Vugt.