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iE&D Solutions advises universities and other organisations in higher education realising their ambitions in the field of internationalisation. Our consultants cover everything from human resource development and organisation to policy and strategy, with a special focus on branding, communication, customer relationship management, marketing, project management and recruitment. Check out our services.

Student mobility will grow

The international (higher) education market is one of the most vibrant and dynamic service sectors in the world today. Even in the current economic climate, all indicators show that the demand for education abroad is still increasing. It is expected that global student mobility will grow annually by an average of 1.5-3% from the current level of 4 million to almost 6 million in 2030. The majority of international students are expected to originate from Asia, and in particular China and India.

Recruit, retain and relate!

The market is growing not only in size but in complexity as well. Competition for international students, researchers, partnerships and funding will intensify. Higher education institutions that wish to operate internationally must continuously adapt to these rapidly-changing realities. Their success will increasingly depend on their understanding of the market, plus their ability to adapt and differentiate themselves from the competition. Hence, universities should increasingly focus their attention on retaining students and building lasting relations with their alumni: recruit, retain and relate!