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October 2010 
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 Volume 5, issue 4
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Dear friends,

International education seems to be changing rapidly. In this newsletter we will be highlighting some of these changes as reported by the OECD, the International Association of Universities, UNESCO and others.

 Internationalisation of Higher Education
 Global Trends

logo iau In its recent report on the state of Internationalisation of Higher Education, based on 2005 data, the International Association of Universities (IAU) reports that 73% of HEIs rank internationalisation as a high priority. This implies a sustained priority, since it is the same as in the 2003 survey. Naar boven

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 Education at a Glance 2010
 An overview from OECD

logo oecd The annual OECD report Education at a Glance (2010) should be compulsory reading for any international university marketer in the world. The report gives interesting insights into the global market for international education. Especially if one keeps track of the developments every year. Naar boven

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 Female Participation in International Education
 UNESCO's Golobal Education Digest 2010

unesco logo In its 2010 edition of Global education Digest, UNESCO reports on the progress and pitfalls in reaching the goal of eliminating gender disparities at all levels of education by 2015. Although a lot needs to be improved in gender disparities, the share of internationally mobile women at 49% in 2008 is not so bad after all. Naar boven

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 The Tuition Fees in Norway - The box has been opened
 by Stig Arne Skjerven, Director of Academic Affairs, Aalesund University College, Norway

nrowegian flag From 2011 onwards tuition fees for international students will be introduced in Sweden, making Norway the only country in Scandinavia where higher education is free for all students. Will the principle know as "Gratisprinsippet" ("the principle of free education") survive for long in Norway? Naar boven

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 Globalisation of Education and the For-Profit Education Industry
 In case you missed our June 2010 newsletter, click on the link below to read this article.

Naar boven

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 International Education in the News
 News from other sources

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