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April 2010 
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 Volume 5, issue 2
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Dear friends,

iE&D Solutions has gone into its fifth year of existence. With offices in the Netherlands, China and Zambia, we are enlarging our global reach for our customers. In this newsletter we offer an overview of some of the jobs we do for our clients.

 IHS extends contract with iE&D Solutions

logo IHS After a successful first year, in which the application numbers have more than doubled and enrolments for 2010 are poised to increase at least 50%, the management of IHS - the International Institute of Urban Management of Erasmus University Rottterdam - have decided to extend the contract of iE&D partner, Thijs van Vugt, as interim Head of Marketing & Communications for one more year.
In the coming year one of Thijs' main objectives will be to integrate admissions at IHS within the Marketing department in order to increase the conversion rate of applications to enrolments even further.


 Is There Any Use for Telemarketing in Higher Education?

foto telemarketer Although we all hate those phone calls at dinner time, trying to sell you a pension, cheap phone calls or whatever. Yet, telemarketing can be very effective, even in Higher Education.
By using a Mumbay based telemarketing company a Dutch based post-graduate institution has been able to grow its number of applicants by 100%, and the number of enrolled students to one of its courses already by 50%, at the same time increasing the quality of the students, because they could be more selective. Naar boven

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 iE&D supports South Africa with the implementation of Erasmus Mundus II

flag South Africa iE&D Solutions has provided support to South African universities, the Department of Education and Training (DoET) and the EU Delegation in South Africa with the implementation of Erasmus Mundus II. Naar boven

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