Strategic partners of iE&D Solutions® BV

To be able to serve our clients interests we have developed strategic partnership ensuring we cover the most relevant regions in the world: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, and North America.



iE&D Solutions® BV is proud to be working with the following strategic partners:

Tim Rogers International Education Consultants, UK

Tim Rogers is our preferred partner for our staff development workshops and training courses. Tim's areas of expertise include institutional strategic development of international student recruitment strategies, the development of study abroad programmes, the implementation of recruitment programmes and commentary on all aspects of the internationalisation of education and student populations around the world, particularly the impact on tuition fees and the Bologna Declaration.

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StudyPortals is our preferreed partner in publishing our revised Market Monitors, using the intelligence from the various StudyPortals websites on what students worldwide are intersted in and looking for.

StudyPortals is the European study choice platform. It brings transparency for students to the wealth of study opportunities in Europe's unifying Higher Education Market. We are determined to stimulate and inform students on (inter)national study choice and help Universities with easier and more effective international marketing & recruitment.

StudyPortals started out a little over 3 years ago as MastersPortal. We are a spin-off from a couple of large international study associations that saw a massive information gap for finding international masters in Europe: MastersPortal.eu was born and proved to be an overwhelming success. In 2009, the company was further professionalized by founding StudyPortals BV, a private enterprise, which now also publishes BachelorsPortal.eu, PhDportal.eu, ScholarshipPortal.eu and ShortCoursesPortal.eu.

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IVE, Australia

International Vision Education is an Australia-based consulting firm. IVE provides specialised marketing and international consulting services for educational institutions seeking to penetrate East Asian markets. Developed, emerging and frontier markets managed by IVE are Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong/China, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia. Individual strategies are designed and implemented primarily by IVE's Managing Director, Peter Gainey. Peter has been involved in the international education sector for over eighteen years. He spent seven years in Japan as director of International Office-Japan, for the universities of Wollongong, Flinders and New England. This office was responsible for promotion in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. He spent a further two years heading up the Australian National University's Asia Regional Office, in Bangkok, with responsibility for thirteen countries in East Asia. Following this role, Peter spent one year in Vietnam, consulting to the Australian HE, TAFE and ELICOS sectors. He has operated his consulting practice for the past eleven years. Peter Gainey's academic background, at the Masters level, is in international education management.

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ICEF GmbH, Germany

ICEF connects educators and student recruitment agents to key markets and networks worldwide, helping them achieve the results and efficiencies they require in growing international student enrolments. ICEF has built a reputation for quality through ICEF Workshops, the industry’s premier educator/agent networking events; ICEF Online, the collaborative Internet platform linking educators and agents; ICEF Higher Education, specialised consulting and recruitment solutions for universities and colleges; and ICEF Training, professional development for the international education sector. CEO Markus Badde has a long standing career in both the education and technology industries. Before joining ICEF, Markus spent two years as Business Development Director at ICWE GmbH, which organizes events such as Expolingua Berlin and Online Educa, the largest international e-learning conference. Prior to that, Markus held various senior marketing positions over eight years at Cisco System, the world leader in Internet networking.

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Global Education Solutions, USA

Global Education Solutions is a consulting enterprise comprised of recognized experts in designing, evaluating, and implementing global educational services for institutions, organizations, and governments worldwide. They utilize an extensive network of professionals for referral, bringing to any project the best mix of expertise and experience appropriate for the task at hand. Senior partners in Golabl Education Solutions are Carl A. Herrin and John Deupree, both of whom have very extensive experience in the education business. Carl A. Herrin is a recognized expert on international education and exchange policy and practice. John Deupree has been an international leader in global education development for over twenty five years.

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