What our clients say

Mr Frans Snijders, Director International Office, VU University Amsterdam (2014)

"Vrije Universiteit hired Thijs for a sales training of its staff responsible for degree mobility. Thijs and his team performed well beyond expectations in realizing a sales oriented spirit within the team in just three sessions. Thijs showed the best of real customer care by showing not just sincere interest in our sales activities but also by showing strong determination to make the sales oriented approach work at Vrije Universiteit."  

Mr Matthew Ward, Marketing Assistant, University of Gloucestershire (2014)

“I attended a workshop lead by Thijs on Google Analytics for International Marketing & Recruitment. I found the workshop to be very informative and the instruction to be clear and concise. I was able to return from his workshop and immediately apply the lessons learned to determine the effectiveness of our digital marketing channels. Thijs showed me best practice on how to create well made landing pages designed to funnel users to our CRM system to gather data and how this in conjunction with Google Analytics could be used to determine our return on investment from our marketing efforts. I would recommend his program to anyone who would like to know definitively if their marketing budget is being spent in the right place”

Mr Joachim Ekstrom, Communication Strategist, Uppsala University (2013)

"Using Thijs at iE&D Solutrions for strategic advice is possibly the best investment I ever made in my 20 years of marketing. Thijs knowledge of international student recruitment and marketing ranges from the nitty gritty details of how to make best use of student fairs up to the management level with funding, organization and analysis. He is also a very pleasant person to deal with and I can warmly recommend him both as a speaker and a consultant."

Mr Peter Veenendaal, General Manager RNTC (2012)

"RNTC hired Thijs for his expertise and track record in increasing the number of self paying and scholarship applicants for its training courses. Based on his analysis of RNTC, Thijs created and implemented a completely new marketing and communication approach of potential customers. Although it is still early days, results have improved and the prospects are promising. Thijs is knowledgeable, committed and flexible, and easy to work with."

Mr Kees van Rooijen, director IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam (2011)

"The last few years Thijs set up the marketing,communication and applications department at IHS. He managed to develop a high quality, efficient team which covers a wide range of activities. I'm very satisfied with the work he delivered. Top Qualities: Expert, On Time, Creative."

Mrs Gudrun Paulsdottir, Vice-President EAIE (2010)

"The impact of the seminar on Branding stayed with us and emerged in various shapes and results. It is interesting to see how the content of one seminar can keep popping up in different contexts for a long time. The workshop had a very good impact and I could see the influence throughout the week" .

Rick Chapman, Group Marketing Director, THINK Education Group, Australia (2009)

“iE&D Solutions is a valued partner for the THINK Education Group. Their knowledge of the market combined with a focus on achieving great results has been instrumental in enabling us to rapidly improve our market position in this highly competitive market. The growing presence of THINK Education Group in Europe is largely attributable to the great work done by iE&D Solutions.”

Kathy Phillips, Industry Development Manager, Education New Zealand (2009)

"Education New Zealand commissioned a 3 day Marketing and Recruitment workshop for the international education industry in New Zealand, of which Thijs van Vugt of iE&D Solutions was one of the presenters. The presentations were professional and relevant to the participants, and delivered in a way that was easy to understand and follow. Thijs engaged continuously with the group, and was very approachable and knowledgeable. Feedback from the participants included "we came expecting a quality workshop, and were not disappointed".

Frauke Zurmühl, International DAAD Academy, Germany (2008)


"The workshop with Thijs van Vugt was characterised by his profound expertise in Marketing issues. The participants got a lot of helpful suggestions how to improve their daily work. It was a pleasure working with such a professional trainer."


Jan Franssen, IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands (2007)

"We were particularly impressed by the no-nonsense approach through which Thijs van Vugt translated his excellent knowledge and experience into very specific activities. This resulted into good value for money. In 2008, we will continue to work with iE&D, as they will assist us in improving our CRM system, website, internet marketing and alumni policy."

Wessel Meijer, coordinator EXAMPLE Erasmus Mundus Project, Utrecht University, Netherlands (2007)

"The combination of specialist knowledge, experience, professionalism and flexibile approach of iE&D Solutions as worked very well for us. The straightforward hands-on mentality further contributed to the high confidence we put in iE&D Solutions."

Harri Malinen, project co-ordinator Barents Education Network, University of Lapland, Finland (2007)

"The reason why we chose IE&D Solutions as the external evaluators .... was their competence and expertise. We highly relied on both Thijs' and Rene's professionalism, expertise and competence."

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